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How to Change Font Color in Samsung Notes

Samsung Notes is a great app that allows quick and easy access when you are out and about and need to remember new ideas and reminders but don’t have a pen or paper to write the information down. This app is available on most Android smartphones and many tablets currently on the market. While the… Read More »

How To Unblock a Contact on a Galaxy S21

If you own a Samsung Galaxy S21 and have a blocked contact, it is quick and easy to unblock the number. When a number is blocked, it will not ring anymore, being automatically ignored, and the call will be forwarded to voicemail. If you have a contact that calls but the phone does not ring… Read More »

How To Fix a Samsung Galaxy S10 that is Frozen

The Galaxy S10 is a good phone and has been around for three years, making hardware and software issues possible. One of those problems may include your phone locking up and freezing. This will cause your touch screen to not respond, preventing you from turning off your phone. If you own a Samsung Galaxy S10… Read More »

How to Safe Guard Important Privacy Settings in Facebook

There has been a lot of concern regarding personal information that is being shared across the web to include social media pages. The safety of your data has never been more important to your financial wellbeing. If certain settings are not in place, personal information can get into the wrong person’s hands, leading to invasion… Read More »