How To Install The Notebook Speech To Text App On An Android Smartphone

By | October 29, 2021

How To Install The Notebook Speech To Text App On An Android Smartphone

You are starting nursing school or have already begun. Save yourself time and a ton of money by downloading a speech to text application. Let me guess, you are a Straight A student, why would nursing school be any different, say’s every nursing student ever. Majority of nursing students will tell you they are finding it far more challenging than anticipated. That is because memorizing no longer applies. You must now apply previous knowledge and analysis information to formulate the best possible intervention/outcome.

How to take notes and Improve Critical Thinking in Nursing School
The Speech to Text Apps are a great way to save you time by converting your words into text, allowing you to spend time where needed. You can record yourself, class lectures, simulation debriefings, study group sessions and read or listen to it later. This app is great for high school students and college students. It can be used to make note cards, audio files, pictures, print or save as an electronic file. Biology and nursing note/flash cards cost a lot of money and aren’t always helpful. The Speech to text apps allow you to customize your notes/note cards to your needs, including pictures, make questions or games to enhance your knowledge and raise GPA.

Nursing students don’t take normal exams, the NCLEX style question has several correct answers but only one is the more correct answer and don’t forget about the Select All that Apply questions. These questions require you to select between one or all of the answer choices. This app and others like it, allow you to make a variety of study tools to meet the daily challenges of being a student nurse.

What About Simulation?
This stressful, high stakes assessment leaves many nursing students feeling overwhelmed, disappointed and unsure if this is truly their calling. If your instructor allows you to use a speech to text app, this can be an invaluable opportunity for you and your peers to reflect on what can be done for better simulation/client outcomes and boost confidence in future simulation assessments. The more efficient you are in simulation, the better you will do on written exams. You can also make these simulations into NCLEX or scenario type questions with the speech to text app, allowing you to apply and understand the critical thinking process in real time.

You can share with as many other individuals as you like, classmates, members in your study group and on group projects.

Not Just for Nursing Students!
This type of note taking is not just for nursing students’ but also students’ who have prerequisites in Biology or majoring in medical school. This type of app is an invaluable tool to use throughout your educational journey. The app can help you keep on track of what needs to be done by setting note reminders and to-do list so you never turn in an assignment late or come unprepared for a quiz or test. Also, the ability to add pictures for better understanding and application of pathophysiology process will save countless hours of reading and re-reading textbooks.

There are multiple speech to text applications available, if you find this one does not work best for you, find the one that does.

Below are the steps to download the NOTEBOOK Speech to Text app.

There is also a video at the bottom of this post for a video walk-through all the amazing and time saving features this app can do for you.

Best Speech To Text App For A Smartphone

  1. Go to Google Play Store and download the NOTEBOOK – Take Notes, Sync
  2. Open the App and sign in to your google account or apple account
  3. Create an account and select continue
  4. Manage your privacy will display
  5. Your notebook is ready to use

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