How To Get Rid of Samsung Pay On The Home Screen

By | January 7, 2022

How To Get Rid of Samsung Pay

If you like using the Samsung Pay option for purchases but don’t want it located on your home screen you can easily disable the feature with a few simple steps. You can pick which screens your Samsung pay will be shown on, making it easy to access.

If you don’t have a passcode or fingerprint access set up on your Samsung Smartphone anyone can access your cards through Samsung Pay. We recommend always setting up the smart lock feature using a passcode or fingerprint so your personal and private information stays that way. This should be one of your first steps after purchasing a new smartphone.

There is also a video at the bottom of this post for a video walk-through to further assist you if needed.

How To Get Rid of Samsung Pay On The Home Screen

  1. Swipe up on the home screen
  2. Using your thumb or finger, swipe up from bottom to top to access your apps.
    How To Get Rid of Samsung Pay

  3. Select Samsung Pay App
  4. If you have a lot of apps it may be easier to use your search bar on the top of the screen to find the Samsung Pay app. Just type the name of the app you are wanting to open.
    How To Get Rid of Samsung Pay

  5. Select the Hamburger Icon
  6. This hamburger icon is also the three horizontal lines located on the top left side of the screen.
    How To Get Rid of Samsung Pay

  7. Select Settings
  8. How To Get Rid of Samsung Pay

  9. Select Use Favorite Cards
  10. How To Get Rid of Samsung Pay

  11. Turn Off or On
  12. This is where you will be able to access your Samsung Pay depending on which options you choose.
    How To Get Rid of Samsung Pay

If you find it annoying or are concerned with your credit card showing on the lock screen, home screen, or screen off, you can easily turn these features off or on by following the simple steps above. This will still allow you to use the Samsung Pay feature for everyday purchases but allows you to choose where you want to access it from on your smartphone. You don’t need to have Samsung Pay available on all three screens, pick the preference that fits your needs.

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