How To Setup Fingerprint Scan Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 is a great Android smartphone with many built-in features, including a fingerprint scanner. The Flip3 fingerprint scanner uses the power button and a thumbprint or fingerprint to unlock the phone. Once set up, there will be an option for fingerprint unlock and fingerprint always on. The most common setup… Read More »

How to Change Font Color in Samsung Notes

Samsung Notes is a great app that allows you to keep reminders, thoughts, voice recordings, and more quickly and easily on your smartphone. This includes most Android smartphones and many tablets. While the basic use is good, there are many features that can enhance the notes being taken. One such feature is the option to… Read More »

Steps to Disable Bluetooth Absolute Volume on Android

Bluetooth absolute volume on Android has caused some issues with certain smartphones and external Bluetooth devices. This includes Bluetooth headphones, speakers, air buds, and more. The main problem with Bluetooth absolute volume is the sound on external devices can be limited and low. For example, if you are using a Galaxy S21 and headphones paired… Read More »