How to Enable Text Chat Features Samsung Galaxy S22

The Samsung Galaxy S22 has many nice options, including advanced text chat features. The Chat Features allows for many more options, including send receipts which lets others know you have read a message. Another example, the show typing indicators feature, will display typing indicators that let others know when you are typing. The new features… Read More »

How to Add a Contact to Favorites on Galaxy S21

If your Samsung Galaxy S21 contact list grows constantly, making it frustrating to filter through your close contacts. The nice thing about the Galaxy S21 is you can move your favorite or most commonly used contacts to the top of your smartphone’s contact list. This includes the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and Plus versions. When… Read More »

How to Enable Developer Mode on a Galaxy Watch 5

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5, like many Android devices, has Developer Options with many hidden features. It is easy to enable by tapping on the build number five times. What is the Galaxy Watch 5 Developer Mode Options? When enabled, Developer Options has many different features that can also be enabled or disabled. Often the… Read More »