Causes and Fixes When YouTube Autoplay Keeps Turning On

If you have tried turning off YouTube autoplay, but it keeps turning back on, it can be annoying. There are several causes, usually with it being a setting that can vary depending on the app and smartphone being used. Before trying the steps below, make sure you have the current updates installed on your phone.… Read More »

How To Fix Low Volume On Samsung Galaxy Earbuds

If you have Samsung Galaxy Earbuds, and they have a low volume, there are several causes and fixes. A common issue with Galaxy Earbuds is the volume will be turned all the way on a smartphone, and still, it isn’t loud enough. Why is the Volume Low with the Galaxy Earbuds? There can be many… Read More »

How to Connect Samsung Galaxy Earbuds to a PC or Laptop

Paring Samsung Galaxy earbuds to a PC or laptop using Windows is quick and easy to do. Be sure the PC or laptop has Bluetooth built-in and is turned on. Also, be sure they are not Paired to another device as this can cause issues. Once the Bluetooth is enabled, follow the steps below to… Read More »

How to Change a Fitbit Versa Watchband

If you have a Fitbit Versa and would like to switch out the watch band to a different style or size, it is quick and easy to do. The hardest part is removing and reinserting a pin that holds the band in place. The pin can usually be moved with your fingers, but in some… Read More »