How To Factory Reset a Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Factory resetting a Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is quick and easy to do. A factory reset is often done to clear out old bad data or when selling the watch to erase all the information. When doing a factory reset, all data will be erased, and the unit will be set back to its original… Read More »

How To Screenshot on a Google Chromebook

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How To Change Notification Sound Samsung Galaxy S21

If you have a Samsung Galaxy S21 smartphone and want to change the sound notification, follow the simple steps below. If you are asking yourself, “Why Bother Changing My Ring Tone!” Changing your phone’s ringtones allows customization of your smartphone’s sound notification, allowing you to pick from multiple different options that fit your unique style.… Read More »

How To Data Factory Hard Reset an Asus ROG Phone 5

Did you misplace or forget your password? Maybe your smartphone is no longer running like before, maybe you have picked up a virus or maybe just want to sell or give your phone away, then resetting your smartphone to the factory settings may be the solution to your problem. Things you want to consider prior… Read More »