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How To Fix “Unfortunately NOX Launcher has Stopped”

If you are using NOX Launcher or any Android emulator and get the error “Unfortunately NOX Launcher has Stopped,” there are several fixes. The main fixes include restarting your computer and freeing up resources by closing other programs. Sometimes the simple fixes will work, but often they do not, and more resources need to be… Read More »

How To Install Rokkr on an Android Smartphone

Rokkr is a media browser app that itself does not contain any content but can be easily setup to stream from URLs. It can stream almost any type of content. The installation is easy by going to the Rokkr website, downloading the App, and installing it. It is also available from the Google Play Store.… Read More »

Best Sports Apps for Android Smartphone

Sports Apps have become one of the more popular ways to stream content from online sources and watch TV shows, movies, live TV and more. Sports Apps are also available to use and watch your favorite games. When using an Apps keep in mind how well they work depends on the administer maintaining it fixing… Read More »