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Best Android Smartwatches Under $50 for Working Out 2022

If you are looking for an Android smartwatch when working out, you don’t have to spend a lot of money. There are many budget-friendly Android smartwatches that offer many of the same features as the more expensive ones. Are Budget-Friendly Android Smartwatches any Good? Yes, you can find quality smartwatches that have comparable tracking features… Read More »

How to Fix Galaxy Watch 4 Not Charging

Like any other electronic device, you can also have issues with your Galaxy Watch 4 not charging. Before you start to panic and stress about having to purchase a new watch, try the simple solutions recommended below. How to Fix Galaxy Watch 4 Not Charging Fix #1 Check Adapter and Cable Cord Check Adapter for… Read More »

How to Turn On Bedtime Mode on a Galaxy Watch 3 and 4

Getting a good night’s sleep without interruption is important to our overall health and work productivity. If you have notifications turned on, on your Galaxy Watch you will want to turn on Goodnight/Bedtime mode to prevent notifications while you sleep. When you turn on Goodnight/Bedtime Mode it will turn off the following features: Watch Always… Read More »