How To Turn Off a Fitbit Versa 2

By | September 3, 2022

If you need to turn off a Fitbit Versa 2, it is quick and easy to do.

It can be turned off from settings by selecting the shutdown option.

Turning the unit off can be beneficial in many scenarios, and restarting it can help to clear out old bad data, which sometimes helps to clear errors.

How To Turn Off a Fitbit Versa 2

  1. Swipe right and select Settings (Gear Icon).
  2. Scroll down and select About.
  3. Select Shutdown.
  4. Select Yes.

How Do You Turn the Fitbit Versa 2 On?

To turn the Fitbit Versa on, press and hold the power button until the Fitbit logo appears.

The smartwatch will power back on and be ready to use.

Can My Fitbit Versa 2 be Turned Off?

Yes, the Fitbit Versa can be turned off by selecting the shutdown option from settings.

To shutdown the unit, swipe up on the screen and go to Settings–>About–>Shutdown and select Yes.

Follow the steps above for step by step how to turn the unit off.

How Do You Restart a Fitbit Versa 2?

Restarting the Versa is done from the menu system.

To restart the unit, swipe up on the screen and go to Settings–>About–>Restart, and select Yes.

What are the Benefits of Turning off the Fitbit Versa 2

Turning off your Fitbit can help save battery life and fix any system issues and software errors that may be affecting your Fitbit without erasing any of your apps or data.

It can also fix lagging, notification, text messages, and incoming call issues that may be delayed due to software issues.

It is important that you know how to turn off electronic devices such as your Fitbit Versa, depending on where you are going or what you are doing, as some business establishments may not allow these devices, such as schools, during proctored testing.

Are you having any issues shutting off a Fitbit Versa? Let us know below any issues and problems, and we will try to help.

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