3 Fixes for a Samsung Galaxy S8 Not Charging

By | September 3, 2022

Fixes for a Samsung Galaxy S8 Not Charging
If your Samsung Galaxy S8 does not charge, there are a few fixes that can be done.

The first step, if you have some power left, is to restart the phone, as this sometimes will get it working again.

The next step is to examine the power port to see if there is an issue with the plug.

A Type-C power port is used on a Galaxy S8, which can have problems sometimes, especially after a lot of use.

If you are using a wireless charging pad, be sure to check the connections and that the phone is placed correctly on the pad.

3 Fixes for a Samsung Galaxy S8 Not Charging

  1. Clean The Charging Port
  2. Clean The Charging Port
    The charging port can get debris in it, which may stop it from working.

    The dirt or grime may not be visible but may be blocking the cable from getting a good connection.

    First, try to blow out the port and see if it starts charging again.

    This is the most common cause of the phone not charging and often starts working again when blown out.

    If blowing it out does not work closely, examine the power port for any large debris.

    Sometimes a small brush can be used to help remove any small dirt particles.

  3. Bad Charging Cable
  4. Bad Charging Cable
    If the charging cable is bad, the phone will not charge.

    Use another cable that is known to be good and see if it powers up.

    If you have tested both the cable and port and the phone still does not charge, a wireless charging pad can also be used.

    Wireless charging pads are low-cost devices that work very well with the Galaxy S8.

  5. Use a Wireless Charger
  6. Use a Wireless Charger
    The Galaxy S8 has built-in wireless charging, so a wireless charging pad can be used to charge the battery.

    If you are already using wireless charging, be sure to see if the phone charges with the cable.

    If the phone charges with the cable, the charging pad has likely gone bad.

    For those who are not using wireless charging, this is a good way to charge a phone when the charging port goes bad.

    If your phone does not charge, this can no doubt be very frustrating.

    Before doing any fixes, restart the phone if the battery still has a charge and possibly factory reset it.

    Check the port for any debris and try to blow it out to clean away any particles.

    Also, use another Type-C charging cable, as the cable may have gone bad.

    If you are not using a wireless charger, one can be used to charge the phone.

    How you are charging it will matter greatly for how the problem is fixed.

    Have you had issues with the Samsung Galaxy S8 not charging? Let us know your thoughts below.

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