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How to Power Off a Galaxy Watch 4

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 has two different ways to power/turn off your device. It is important to know how to access this feature depending on different situations and environments where all electronic devices need to be powered completely down. You don’t want to be called out for not properly turning off your devices as… Read More »

Best Band Straps for 40mm Galaxy Watch 4

The Galaxy Watch 4 has a variety of watch bands available to fit your style and everyday needs. When you are selecting a watch band you will want to pick a band strap that is durable, visually appealing, compatible with your Galaxy Watch 4 size, and relatively easy to install and uninstall. We have listed… Read More »

Best Band Straps for 44mm Galaxy Watch 4

Being able to change out your Galaxy Watch 4 band is an easy way to customize your watch based on your style. Depending on your lifestyle you will want to look at the material the band is made of, durability, color, and overall comfort. If you like to accessorize and match your watch band to… Read More »